Teen Relationship Abuse Commercials

This series of commercial length films made by Compassion and funded by the Suffolk Community Foundation, is intended to raise awareness & understanding about issues of power, control and coercion experienced by at least 40% of young people in teenage relationships.

The brief for the young people involved in the project was to create films, which would inform their peers to identify teenage relationship abuse and to present this in a way that their peers could directly relate to. The films have been entirely developed by a collaboration of over 40 young people alongside support from professionals in scriptwriting, directing, filmmaking and sound by members of The Offshoot Foundation.



Chelsea courageously tells the story of her own young relationship, the gradual onset of controlling behaviour and the escalation of abuse as the realtionship progressed.

Is This Abuse?

Demonstrates that teenage relationship abuse cuts across all relationships, despite gender and sexuality.


Depicts the vulnerability of a young woman who believes she is sexting for her partner’s eyes only.

Same Old Record

Identifies the demise in relationship between a young lesbian couple and how the subtle use of control escalates to cause humiliation and fear.


Real statistics are used in the communication between a teenage couple as an incident of abuse occurs.


A young teenage woman tells the story of her friend’s relationship and early pregnancy.