Warning Signs

The beginning of a relationship is new and exciting, it is not always possible to see the early signs of abuse.

Here are a few warning signs that can help you to identify the start of an unhealthy relationship.

  • You may start to change your appearance or behaviour to fit in with your new partner
  • You start to see less of your family and friends
  • You feel pressured into doing things that don’t feel right for you – this may include sexual experiences
  • Your partner constantly contacts you on your mobile or through other social media
  • Your partner  makes all the decisions
  • You give up doing activities or hobbies that you enjoy
  • You sometimes feel scared of your partner or about how they will react
  • Your partner doesn’t respect your opinions making you feel small or stupid
  • Your partner may not use you name choosing to call you by another name, babe etc
  • You have to justify yourself because of your partners jealousy
  • You feel criticised and start to feel bad about yourself
  • You are made to feel uncomfortable when you disagree with your partner

These are a few of many early signs. Domestic violence and abuse follows a pattern within a relationship and increases over time. There may be times when you feel that your relationship is healthy but these will be interrupted by periods of tension, abuse and possible violence.

If this has raised questions about your relationship, speak to someone you trust or contact a helpline for further information and support.