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Supporting those who have experienced domestic abuse in South Suffolk

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Our Aim

To raise awareness and understanding about all aspects of domestic violence and abuse within our local community in Babergh, Suffolk.

We work to develop and promote good practice to make domestic abuse legally, socially, morally and culturally unacceptable.


How We Can Help…..

Do you want to understand more about your experiences and the tactics used by abusers?

The Freedom Programme helps you to learn about the reality of domestic violence and abuse.

Do you feel it would be helpful to meet others who have experienced domestic abuse?

The support groups are friendly and informal and run by people who have themselves experienced domestic abuse.

Do you want to offer your children the opportunity to understand the abuse and violence they may have heard or witnessed?

The Stronger Families Community Programme creates a safe space in which children have the chance to do this.

Do you find it difficult to attend the groups?

Our Befriending Service can offer one to one support.

Do you suffer verbal or physical abuse from your child?

The Who's in Charge Programme is for those experiencing child to parent violence and abuse.

Are you concerned that your teenager is vulnerable to relationship abuse?

The Escape the Trap Programme offers information to teens on abusive relationships.

For further information or to make a referral contact

Michelle Aldous : Email: [email protected] :: Mobile: 07597 337831

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