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Our Aim

Compassion aims to raise awareness and understanding about all aspects of domestic violence and abuse both nationally and locally, within the Babergh community

We work to develop and promote good practice to make domestic abuse legally, socially, morally and culturally unacceptable

We Do This By….

Offering information through one to one support and group work

Providing opportunities to understand experiences and empower future choices through developing positive strategies

Responding to needs by bringing new initiatives to those who need such specialised support for as long as needed

Providing a range of services and resources to those who need specialised support, offering the support for as long as it is needed.


Survivors Stories DVD is a collection of 13 interviews given by female and male survivors of domestic violence and abuse from across the UK. It is designed as an educational training tool for service providers, educationalists, therapists and counsellors and for all professionals working with people for whom domestic violence and abuse is an issue. It is also an educational resource for the media during campaigns to publicise the issues and raise awareness to the community at large. It is hoped that it will provide a message of hope to any victim who may hear these interviews.

Every victim of domestic violence deserves:

  • to be listened to
  • to be believed
  • to be treated with dignity and respect
  • to receive a professional service from all agencies
  • to receive the most appropriate interventions at the earliest opportunity

It is the Forum’s express hope that Survivors Stories DVD will enhance the understanding, awareness, empathy and kindness that victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse have a right to receive.

Each participant describes their journey from the onset of the abuse, when and how they acknowledged it, how they made their exit, the effect the abuse had on them and what kind of support they received. Many of the survivors interviewed expressed the view that being listened to and having someone to talk to was an immensely important part of the healing process that they went through.

This training DVD depicts many forms of abuse including emotional, mental, physical, sexual and economic. They demonstrate the intimidation, threats to harm and kill inflicted by perpetrators. A common thread running through these interviews is the sense of fear, isolation, shame, humiliation, degradation and demoralisation felt by the victims. The stories reveal with clarity the impact on victims of psychological trauma, injury and pain. The survivors explain how their emotional and psychological health has been affected in the longer term through despair, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Domestic violence and abuse occurs right across the spectrum of society.

The DVD reflects this, in that every interview addresses a different aspect

Interviews reflect the experience of domestic violence and abuse in

  • heterosexual relationships
  • same sex relationships
  • inter-cultural relationships
  • teenage relationships
  • forced marriage
  • growing up with domestic violence and abuse

‘Developing and promoting good practice to make domestic abuse legally, socially, morally and culturally unacceptable.’