Who’s In Charge Programme – Child to Parent Violence

whosinchargeA report published in 2010, by Parentline, stated that child to parent violence (CPV) is a growing national trend, suggesting that there are a many hidden cases in families.

Who’s in Charge?  is a 9 week programme combining educational and therapeutic sessions for parents of children, who are verbally or physically abusive and beyond parental control. The programme works with parents to understand the complex nature of abuse.

The aim of the group is to reduce parental stress and guilt by providing a supportive environment and seeks to offer an opportunity for parents to change their own attitudes and behaviours. The group works towards empowering parents to develop ideas on improving  family relationships and building strategies to promote the reduction of children’s violent and abusive behaviours.

This is achieved by the use of 8 structured sessions, which incorporate group exercises, discussion and handouts. A follow-up session is held after 2 months, where family situations are reviewed and progressed assessed.

This is the experience of one group member

We were in crisis as a family trying to deal with the behaviour of our 10 year old son. On a daily basis, I was having to deal with verbal and physically aggressive and violent behaviour. He was targeting myself and my daughter and it was having a detrimental effect on us all. He was becoming more and more dangerous and dominating our lives and I did not know what else I could do.

 I came to the course, open to being helped, but not believing that anything could make a difference. I have attended many support groups and courses and been supported by different professionals and couldn’t imagine that there was anything that could change the situation we were in. I was really depressed, exhausted and feeling quite hopeless.

Within the first session, I realised that this was going to be a course that was very different to anything else I had been on before and from the beginning it started to make a difference to how I viewed my situation.  

I am so grateful that I have been able to attend Who’s in Charge. It has made such a difference to my life and that of my family and in particular my son, and my relationship with my son. It has not been an easy process but worth every minute and every ounce of effort. It has been the most helpful and significant course I have attended. Things may change, my son may move into a new challenging phase, but I feel I have been given the tools and the confidence with which to consider, reflect, plan and implement something that will respond to that change.

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