Stronger Families

strongerfamilysStronger Families is a therapeutic group for children and mothers who have experienced domestic abuse. It is specifically for families where the abusive partner has left the home.

The aim of the programme is to create a safe space for children and provide them with the opportunity to disclose, understand and process the hurting they have  heard or witnessed within their families. The group encourages communication between family members and provides an opportunity for children to start to rebuild trust within the family unit.

Mothers participate in an adult group during the same time frame as the child’s participation in the children’s group. This is to ensure that mothers are supported and are best prepared to facilitate their children’s process of healing. The mother’s group is a safe and supporting environment  providing an opportunity, for women, to explore and reflect on how best to support their children.

The programme is delivered over 12 weekly sessions and offered to children between the ages of four to sixteen. Trained facilitators create a safe and supporting environment in which children cover topics such as awareness of feelings, conflict resolution, managing anger, problem solving, responsibility and safety planning.

We are currently seeking further funding to run our Stronger Families programme if you would like to be placed on the waiting list please contact us

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