Caring Dad’s – Helping Dad’s to Value Their Children

caring-dadsCaring Dad’s recognises that fathers can be a positive influence in their children’s lives and can enhance their academic, social and personal development.

Caring Dads is a group programme for fathers from families where domestic abuse has been identified.

The aim is to engage fathers in taking responsibility for ending the abusive behaviour towards their children, and the mother’s of their children. Father’s  are  given the opportunity to repair the negative impact of past behaviours by developing more child-centred fathering and encouraged to build and improve the relationship with their children.

The 17 week programme is offered to any father who has regular contact with his children. Initial assessments and group sessions are run by trained Caring Dads facilitators.

We are not currently running the Caring Dads programme –

For more information about the Caring Dads programme – contact [email protected]