The VOICE Programme
(Victims of Intimate Coercive Experience)

The VOICE programme stands for Victims of Intimate Coercive Experience and is a new and exciting programme, written in response to the feedback of victims and practitioners.

The programme consists of 10 weekly sessions and it supports victims to identify the broad spectrum of abusive behaviours, the process of dismantling that a victim goes through and the significant impact of such traumatic experiences. It offers relatable psychoeducation on trauma and normal stress responses, enabling victims to learn more about self-regulation and self-care.

It is available to those who are affected by the impact of an abusive partner, be it a current or past relationship.

The programme is interactive and draws on a variety of different learning styles using discussion, self-reflective exercises, visual media and active participation to generate learning for all participants.

This programme can be run successfully online or face to face, in groups or where needed in a one-to-one capacity.

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Who’s In Charge Programme
(Child to Parent Violence)

A report published in 2010, by Parentline, stated that child to parent violence (CPV) is a growing national trend, suggesting that there are a many hidden cases in families.

Who’s in Charge? is a 9 week programme combining educational and therapeutic sessions for parents of children, who are verbally or physically abusive and beyond parental control. The programme works with parents to understand the complex nature of abuse.

The aim of the group is to reduce parental stress and guilt by providing a supportive environment and seeks to offer an opportunity for parents to change their own attitudes and behaviours. The group works towards empowering parents to develop ideas on improving family relationships and building strategies to promote the reduction of children’s violent and abusive behaviours.

This is achieved by the use of 8 structured sessions, which incorporate group exercises, discussion and handouts. A follow-up session is held after 2 months, where family situations are reviewed and progressed assessed.

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Escape The TRAP
(Teenage Relationship Abuse Programme)

Escape the Trap is an exciting new programme which has been developed in acknowledgement of the rising numbers of young people identified as being vulnerable to teenage relationship abuse.

Research states that teenage relationship abuse affects 40% of young people in intimate relationships and has a considerable impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Over an eight week period the programme addresses:

  • Young peoples expectations of relationships
  • Relationships that make them feel bad
  • The behaviours and beliefs of those who treat them badly
  • How to identify coercive behaviour
  • How these behaviours make them feel
  • How to identify such behaviours early in a new relationship

The programme also encourages young people to explore how being treated with respect, care and love might be experienced.

The programme is designed for small group and one to one support and can be offered in any youth setting.

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