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See our update below on some of the media interest in Survivors Stories DVD

Each interview is available as a resource for the media during awareness raising campaigns. The DVD includes short clips of each interview, varying in length between 1 – 3 minutes, which can be used on radio, television and in newspapers or magazines. We have provided both transcripts of the audio clips and DVD film clips.

There are consistent themes throughout all the interviews: the speed at which abusive relationships progressed, when the abuse became violent, the emotional and psychological impact of the abuse and the kind of support and understanding that was needed from the professionals they came into contact with. What is also abundantly clear is that victims and perpetrators are to be found in all communities.

It is the Forum’s express hope that in watching, listening to, or reading these interviews, the public will learn how domestic violence can potentially devastate the lives of any one of us. The interviews will assist understanding of how society’s judgement of victims of domestic violence and abuse often reinforces and colludes with the beliefs of perpetrators of such abuse.

We know that isolation is a common experience for most victims and that many are unable to talk to anyone due to fear and a belief that they will not be believed. We feel sure that when these interviews are used by the media, victims of domestic violence and abuse will identify with what they see, hear or read and it will assist them in validating their feelings and experience and may then lead them to seek support.

Babergh Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum sincerely hope that the Survivors Stories DVD will prove to be a useful mechanism to further the work to support victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

Cathy Press Podcast interview by Patricia Mata – Person Centred Consultancies (20 mins) on the background to Survivors Stories DVD

Saving the DVD and Audio Clips

Using your choice of media player once you have watched / listened to a clip, choose the media player options ‘file’ and then ‘ save’ in order to save to your PC desktop or a USB stick. On Quick time clips, once you have watched the clip, right click the down pointing arrow at the end of the player control bar for options to ‘Save as Source’ ( for Quicktime Pro). Alternatively, save the clip from the web address in your browser bar and click ‘add to ‘favourites’ or ‘bookmark this page’.

Media Interest in Survivors Stories DVD since 26th November 2007 and The Survivors Stories News Reel

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  • Suffolk Free Press
  • East Anglian Daily Times
  • BBC News Pages
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  • BBC News TV Regional Suffolk
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