Sudbury Rotary Club annual Christmas Tree Festival

16 February 2024

Between the 1st and the 8th of December Compassion took part in the Sudbury Rotary Club annual Christmas Tree Festival, which this year took place in the beautiful setting of St Gregory’s Church.

The festival provides a wonderful showcase for organisations, charities, businesses, schools etc and is always such a joy to be part of. This year the theme for our tree was in remembrance of femicide victims of domestic abuse, decorating the tree with the names and ages of the 108 victims whose lives were stolen by a perpetrator of abuse in the UK in 2022. This was a very powerful message to the public to raise awareness of the seriousness of domestic abuse and that we as a charity provide quite literally a lifeline to so many. We rely heavily upon donations and  the goodwill of our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to support those who access our support and raise awareness of the impact domestic abuse. We have had such a great response following the event and we look forward to joining in again next Christmas.